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TIDIFY and Simplify your life

Luxury Organizing and Staging Services
Residential and Commercial in Miami, Florida

The TIDIFY Process

Tidify is a home organizing service company, driven by a passion for order and beauty. We offer simple, insightful solutions to complex organizing problems. We understand how to maximize space and have a keen eye for good design.


Our systems create balance and clarity. But most of all, we work as partner with our clients, to implement their needs combined with our vision.

Step 1. In-Home (Office) Assessment Planning

This is a discussion that includes a tour of the areas of concern. We will lay the foundation for our work together. During this discussion, we will talk about your lifestyle as it relates to your organizing needs. When we have a sense of what your needs and space limitations are, we come up with a personalized, step-by-step plan detailing what we are going to do and how we are going to do it.

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Step 2. Edit and Organize

Once the plan has been established, we start sorting and editing items in the space. If we are working side-by-side with you, our role is to keep you focused and efficient while preventing you from getting overwhelmed. If we are working on our own, we are sorting according to the plan that we developed together. This part of the process usually takes up the bulk of the session. We create a system customized to your preferences and find places for your items. 

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Step 3. Maintain

Finally, when everything is in its place, we talk about maintenance. For us, this is a very important part of the process. We give you tips and techniques, specifically for your space and habits, which you can use to maintain the order long term.

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Let's Meet

Clélia Maufroy, Founder & Master Organizer

CM Profile Sitting.png

Clélia Maufroy Founder of TIDIFY, loves nothing more than transforming people's everyday life, by offering insightful solutions to any organizing problems, implementing her motto every step of the way: TIDIFY to SIMPLIFY your life!


A true lover of all things HOMES, making her favorite space to organize LIVING SPACES with a flair to organize CLOSETS and create perfectly color-coded wardrobe.

Clélia is also a successful REAL ESTATE AGENT with the prestigious SOTHEBY’S Brand in Miami FL, and is certified in FLORAL DESIGN.


Born in FRANCE but spent most of her childhood years in AFRICA, before traveling the world working for the ATP/Tennis Association and later relocated to the beautiful SUNSHINE STATE.


Has lived in 8 COUNTRIES and therefore understands the art of PACKING, with 22 MOVES under her belt she has mastered the art of moving with ease.

Could not survive without her iCAL and labels and finds extreme satisfaction in crossing anything off a to do LIST, making her the master of PLANNING.

Finds peace and balance in HELPING others become organized.


Starts her day with a CAPPUCINO and ends it with a glass of VINO (but never shies away from champagne… or Margarita) Known to be the first on the DANCE floor when music comes on.


Always puts a premium on TRAVELING (but hates to fly!) and visiting new places each year!


Lucky to have the never-ending support and love of her husband and amazing daughter, and thankful for the BFF in her life.


My Services

Fashion clothes rack


Retail Space

Retail Space - Commercial Space - Storage Rooms - Home Office - Arts and Crafts Storage

Fashion clothes rack

Service Description

TIDIFY your business or retail space with this package. I will help organize your commercial or retail space, home office, storage rooms, arts and crafts storage, and everything in between!


90 minutes in-home project consultation:

$150 charge to be credited towards your project rate.

Unpacking Kitchen

Moving In/Out

Moving Planning and Implementation

Unpacking Kitchen

Service Description

Pre-move planning and packing logistics. Tailored solutions and implementation on new location prior move-in including unpacking and organizating. 90 minutes in-home project consultation:


90 minutes in-home project consultation:

$150 charge to be credited towards your project rate.

Home Decor

Home Staging

Home staging services to properly showcase your interior to buyers

Home Decor

Service Description

Offering a pre-sale decluttering program, including staging and organizing to make your property more attractive to prospective buyers.


90 minutes in-home project consultation:

$150 charge to be credited towards your project rate.


Home Organizing

Kitchens - Pantries - Bathrooms - Bedrooms - Playrooms- Garages etc...


Service Description

We aim to offer insightful solutions to complex organizing problems and help you maximize any spaces while balancing form and function. We provide tailored organizational systems to fit each client’s unique needs and offer effective and sustainable results.

90 minutes in-home project consultation:

$150 charge to be credited towards your project rate.


 I cannot recommend Clelia highly enough. She is absolutely amazing! She is extremely professional, personable, and such a joy to work with. She had great ideas about how to do things quickly and efficiently, while offering suggestions to streamline my place.

You will not regret hiring her.

Clelia was a life saver for my new apartment! Her organization and ideas were spot on. I now have so much more room and it looks fabulous. Couldn’t have done it without her!

Holly Temes

I arrived home today to not only a new condo, but a BRAND NEW organized lifestyle! it’s truly above and beyond what I imagined my little condo was capable of. Clélia did a fantastic job redecorating, creating new spaces and organizing each and every roo, Every nook and cranny so organized, and labeled and shelved and basketed, etc etc…  Thank you so much !

Mary-Claire Espenkotter

Just moved in to our new home and the task looked endless. Once Clelia came in, it all turned out to a fantastic experience. I have no imagination and she took care of it all! Closets, bathrooms and kitchen. So much stuff to sort out, classify and organize. We left on a trip and came back to a perfectly organized and clear home. Thank you! Could not have been more satisfied or happier!

Charlotte Blanchet

Selen Dicman

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